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From Media Mondays to Free-Exploration Fridays: My New Classroom Routine

Part of the Champs classroom management system includes developing a classroom routine. Yes, this includes managing when and how students use the classroom pencil sharpener, go the restroom, and obtain classroom materials. It can also mean having a general plan for daily activities.

A routine is good for both me and my students. It allows me to keep things fresh and avoid ruts. It provides my students a sense of expectation which results in less classroom disruptions, increased motivation, and greater breadth of application and discovery.

I’ve just finished creating a new daily classroom routine, and I’m excited about its potential. Feel free to check it out here or take a look at the snapshot of it I’ve included in today’s post.

[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

-Mr. Somers (aka S’mores)


Do you have a classroom management routine? Tell me and others about by leaving a comment below. Have a comment about or suggestion for mine? Pass it along. There’s always room to improve!

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