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Student Blogs

There are some pretty analytical and creative people who fill the desks and seats of #smoreenglish. Here you’ll see a list of student blogs per class. Students routinely write responses to an article of the week and respond on their blog to a provided guided question. They generally are also told a specific skill or set of standards I’ll be using to score their work (I use a proficiency scale do to this.). Along the way, students submit a variety of pieces in which they analyze meanings of complex nonfiction and fiction, apply profound thoughts to improve the world around them, and tell stories that captivate, stir curiosity, and compel readers to action.

#smoreenglish1920 | Pre-AP English 2019-2020

2nd Period

Aeja’s Blog

Abby S’s Blog

Ajia’s Blog

Aniyah S’s Blog

Brent’s Blog

Cassidee’s Blog

Chance’s Blog

Daily Dose of Blog (Tristan)

Gavin’s Blog

Julia’s Blog

Kaylee’s Blog

Kylie K’s Blog

Luke’s Blog

Madison C’s Blog

Mattison S’s Blog

Nia’s Blog

Noah’s Blog

Patricia’s Blog

Rylan’s Blog

Shanlyn’s Blog

Skidattle-Skadootle (Payton R)


3rd Period

Akaia’s Blog

Anna’s Blog

A Site of Wonders (Alexus B)

The Back Table Blogs (Jalon)

Blakely’s Blog

Blogs By Jonathan (Jonathan)

Brooklynn’s Blog

Camille’s Blog

Claire’s Blog

Dominique’s Blog

Hannah F’s Blog

Joquez’s Blog

Kadie’s Blog

Kayla’s Blog

Kimara’s Blog

Kunai (Hunter)

Liam’s Blog

Madison S’s Blog

Nikolai’s Blog

Savannah’s Blog

Sophie’s Blog

The Weekly Scoop (Blake)

Word on the Street (Ashton)

Zurrell’s Blog


5th Period

Anastasia’s Blog

Aniya E’s Blog

Ashlin’s Blog

The Awesome Life of Carlz (Carly)

Barely a Blog (Sam R)

Caleb’s Blog

Chris’s Blog

Derek Writes (Derek)

Eric’s Blog

Hannah Grace’s Blog

Jackeline’s Blog

Jackson C’s Blog

Jackson R’s Blog

Jaiden H’s Blog

Jaylen’s Blog

Josue’s Blog

Kristyn’s Blog

Landon’s Blog

Matalyn C’s Blog

Mia’s Blog

Nathan’s Blog

Peyton’s Blog

Sadie’s Blog

The Screen Is Mean (Evan)

Victoria’s Stellar Blog


6th Period

Akiara’s Blog

Ale’s Blog

Anna Grace’s Blog

Antone’s Blog

Bella’s Blog

Breathe Me (Bailey)

Cameron’s Blog

Christopher A’s Blog

Cohlee’s Blog

Hannah H’s Blog

I Blog A Lot (Alexis M)

Jadarian’s Blog

Jaiden Z’s Blog

Jeremiah’s Blog

Kinsley’s Blog

Maddy W’s Blog

Madison S’s Blog

Malyiah’s Blog

Olivia’s Blog

Parker’s Blog

Perhaps a Little More (Madi)

Regan C’s Blog

Reymond’s Blog

RJ’s Blog

Tasia’s Blog

Zelda’s Blog


7th Period

Aaron’s Blog

Abby R’s Blog

Alex’s Blog

Anthony’s Blog

Brayden’s Blog

Brooke’s Blog

Caden’s Blog

Caroline’s Blog

Cinthya’s Blog

Dylan’s Blog

Elana’s Blog

Joey’s Blog

Kenzie’s Blog

Kyleigh B’s Blog

Kyler’s Blog

Layken’s Blog

Michael’s Blog

Paola’s Blog

Positively English (Jeslyn)

Reagan G’s Blog

Sam’s Blog

Savannah W’s Blog

Sawyer’s Blog

Tommy’s Blog

Tray’s Blog


#smoreenglish57 | The 2018-2019 Hall of Fame

The Aviles Post (Katherine)

Brooke’s Blog

Cloie’s Blog

N.G.’s View of Worldly Issues (Nehemiah; also, old link)

Emily’s Blog

Hunter’s Blog

MoonDawg’s Blog (Trey)

Riley Cat’s Blog

The Not-So-Daily Tribune (John)

The Shady Kadie Blog

Shiv’s Blog

The West-In Post (Austyn)

The Whale (Josh)

The Wilson Post (Ella)




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