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Student Spotlight: “The Spark” and “The Stingray”

Student Spotlight: Drew G., Javier G.,Garrett H., Trevon S.

Assignment Overview: The following poems were written by four seniors in English 12. The assignment: to parody the style of William Blake’s “The Lamb” (a Song of Experience) and “The Tyger” (a Song of Experience) using more modern contrasted innovations. These poems feature two cars, the Chevy Spark and the Corvette Stingray.

The Spark

Chevy Spark, who built thee?

Dost thou know who built thee?

Gave your size and gave you gas

Around town and running errands

Gave 10 colors for people to choose

Red hot, lime, and a couple of blues

Gave thee a 1.4L engine

That make you purr like a kitten

Chevy Spark, who built thee?

Dost thou know who built thee?

The Stingray

Stingray, Stingray, flying through the night.

Driving past the flashing lights.

With the red paint shining bright

and the tires putting up a fight.


In a glimpse it’s out of sight

with the exhaust pipes screaming with fright.

With the custom built motor the Stingray

travels at the speed of light.


With your fascinating body and your custom made  exhaust.

There is nothing — not even a Jaguar — that could keep up.

When the fiery paint is seen on the road,

people stare at the devilish red coat.


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