Student Showcase

spotlightA grabbing TV commercial. A chilling mystery. A thought-provoking allegory. In-depth research. Insightful analysis. Graceful poetry. Informative presentations. Introspective self-reflection.

Students are always working hard around my classroom. The works below give just a little taste of some of the best work seen so far this year (most recently added at top):


William Blake-like Song of Innocence and Song of Experience

  • Drew G., Javier G., Garrett H., Trevon S., Grade 12: “Chevy Spark, who built thee? | Dost thou know who built thee? | Gave your size and gave you gas | around town and running errands | Gave 10 colors for people to choose” Read more

An Example of Following Examples

  • Brent E., Grade 10: A participant in a recent talent-show-like district fundraiser, this student displayed his Michael Jackson dance moves. This post includes video along with a lesson for educators about the value in following, using, and giving examplars. View the video and read more

Free-Write Poetry

  • Raven W., Grade 12: This poem, titled, “One Team. One Fight.” was written out of a student’s admiration for the nation’s military, but its message of unity, togetherness, and mutual protectiveness extends to much more. Read more


Lord of the Flies Constructed Response

  • Joseph B., Grade 10: “The characters in Lord of the Flies go through some pretty serious character changes from the beginning of the book to the fourth chapter. Three characters in particular change the most: Ralph, Piggy, and Simon.” Read more

Lord of the Flies Creative Writing

  • Collaborative Student and Teacher Group, Grade 10:  “Away from the bomb blasts and inferno of tree trunks, creepers, and scorched lifeless forms of the mountainside forest, the wandering littlun with the birthmark began to forget the neglect and shame he had felt while with the other boys. With each step, he grew increasingly anxious about the next.” Read more

A Union Journalist’s Response to the Attack on Fort Sumter

  • Dustin C., Grade 10: “April 13, 1861. Fort Sumter – Yesterday, Confederate soldiers surrounded the Union, who were trapped behind the tall walls keeping the two sides involved from seeing each other. The Confederates had sent letters to Major Anderson to surrender and give the fort to them.”  Read more

Modern Business and Ancient Texts: Leadership Then and Now

  • Courtney C., Grade 12: “There are several valued leadership traits throughout the workforce, but those of a psychologist or a clinical therapist are especially important because of the need for high quality, helpful, patient-centered care. Counselors should be compassionate, trustworthy, empathetic, and non-biased, but they also need to be analytical, versatile, and approachable. Similar traits were valued long ago in cultures that produced traditional British epics and legends such as Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Le Morte d’ Arthur.” Read more
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