Learning through Blogging: A How-to for Teachers (includes Google Slides Presentation)

This presentation was prepared for a professional development session that was part of a teacher’s choice differentiated district PD day at Oxford City Schools. This was my first time converting a KeyNote presentation to Google Slides and embedding the slides within a blog. You should find that all links included in the presentation function correctly (but let me know if they don’t). I’ve also inserted a PDF of the slides, seen below.

By the way, you might wonder what words like “bready,” “broutine,” “badapt,” “bobserve,” “binvest,” and “bresources” mean. Well, if you get how the word “blog” came into existence, then you’ll understand what I mean by these concocted ed-blogging terms.

-Mr. Somers (aka S’mores)

[embeddoc url=”https://smoreenglish.edublogs.org/files/2017/01/Blogging-PD-Presentation-PDF-1n6awh5.pdf” viewer=”google”]


Feel free to share your experiences with blogging or, if you have any experiences that could make sharing presentations like this even better in the future, let me know the method you use to make it available to others. Want to comment on something else? Describe your experiences with differentiated job-embedded professional development. I’ve heard great things about the differentiated PD our district is doing.


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