Student Blogs

Sure, we know you’re here to check out the students’ blogs — because they can be be pretty awesome. But here’s a place where you can see some blog assignments modeled by Mr. Somers (S’mores). Yep, it’s his S’more Example Student Blog.

#smoreenglish57 | Pre-AP English 10 (2018-2019)

***Denotes Current Teacher-Recommended Blogs

Articles of Interest (Emrik)

The Aviles Post*** (Katherine)

Cloie’s Blog***

Cordy, Cordy

N.G.’s View of Worldly Issues (Nehemiah; also, old link)

Crimson’s School Blog

Emily’s Blog***

Erikah’s Blog

Gavin’s Blogs

Grace’s Thought Dump (Gracelyn)

Hunter’s Blog***

Jada’s Blog

Javon’s Blog


Jess’s Blog

Kait’s Blog

Kendyl’s Blog

Lauren’s Blogs

Litty Blog (Lee)

Meadow’s Blogs

Megan’s Blog

Mijia’s Blog

MoonDawg’s Blog (Trey)

Riley Cat’s Blog

The Not-So-Daily Tribune (John)

On Walden Blog (Lilly)

School Blogs (Jennyfer)

Shiv’s Blog***

Somers123 Blog (Ariana)

Weekly Articles (Jabaria)

The Manuel Journal (Juan)

The West-In Post (Austyn)***

The Whale (Josh)***

The Wilson Post (Ella)***

Wright Right! (Desman)

Trin’s Thoughts***

Tyler’s Blog

Weave Me Alone (Xanthia)

#smoreenglish23 | English 10 (2018-2019)

Aametria’s Blog

A Star is Born

The Beautiful Outdoors

Bradlee Blog

Brittany’s Blog

Brother’s Blog 8

Dallon Discusses


Gone Muddin

Honestly, I Don’t Know or Care

It’s Maddie’s World

Junk Bro

Kendale’s Blog

Kyera’s Blog

Making Meaning

Mariana’s Masterpiece

Moments of Brilliance

Mora Blog

Morales-Marin Blog

On the Daily

Porah’s Ponderings

Ratchet Boyz

Rok Star

Shot Caller

Southern Drip

The Shady Kadie Blog

The Wall (Cordale)

Thoughts of My Brain

Understanding Me



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