Student Blogs

The time has come.

In the fall of 2009, I took Dr. John Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. It was one of my favorites. Dr. Strange was a tech-lovin’, blog-postin’, Twitterin’, Skypin’, future-teacher encouragin’ kinda guy.

Dr. Strange was awesome. Though he wasn’t a tech-raised millennial, he represented everything that lifelong learning and professional adaptation is about. He required us to create our own blogs, post regularly on a variety of emerging education topics, and integrate multimedia (YouTube videos, Wordle, pictures, audio, etc.) within our posts. It wasn’t just about technology; it was about building a classroom learning community that expanded the idea of classroom well beyond its physical walls.

What’s more is that he also networked to partner us undergraduates with a group of upper elementary students in New Zealand. We read their posts; they read ours. And we all commented and responded to each other in meaningful ways. It was a great learning opportunity for all of us. We even occasional Skype-called as classes to introduce ourselves and discuss occasional topics face-to-face.

That was fun then, and a few weeks ago, I began to think it would be fun now.

The timing for my students beginning their own blogging journeys is just right. I’ve recently devised a new classroom routine, one day of which involves students conducting their own text-topic-based research and sharing with others their insightful discoveries.

As my students write, I’ll also be writing, linking to, or posting about related exemplar blogs using my Student Blog Exemplar blog.

Here’s a list of the blogs of recent and current students. Feel free to visit their blogs and leave them encouraging comments, probing questions, or enlightening information or experiences related to the topics they’ve written about.


Blog Titles (A-Z)

  1. Ain’t He a Chum?
  2. Ajai’s Blog
  3. Alexis Eng Class
  4. Alphablog
  5. Anna’s Posts
  6. Bama Air
  7. Big B’s Blog
  8. Big Boss Blog
  9. BH’s Blog
  10. Boomin Blogs
  11. Carson’s Clever Thoughts
  12. Caussey and Effect
  13. Channeling Channing
  14. Chasing the Stars
  15. Cold Heart
  17. Cort’s Blog
  18. Crook #1
  19. Crook #2
  20. Da blog Destiny
  21. Damekus Korner
  22. Dameon’s Blog
  23. Donkey Kong Blog
  24. Edu321
  25. “EL3” Blog
  26. El Jefe’s Blog
  27. Favorite Student
  28. Felix the Cat
  29. Football Fever
  30. Fort Pickens
  31. Fumblin’ Falcon
  32. G. Tha Great
  33. Goat Blogs
  34. Hot Rod’s Writing
  35. Jmoney
  36. Jaden Bourne
  37. Jakaria’s Blog
  38. Jaqai’s Blog
  39. Jammin’ Jamal
  40. Jayy
  41. Jho Knows
  42. Jordan’s Sources
  43. K8’s Blog
  44. K’s McBlog
  45. Kams
  46. Logan’s Posts
  47. Longhorn
  48. Madd Facts
  49. Man in the Mirror
  50. Mera Monae
  51. Miguel’s Opinion
  52. Mike’s Sights
  53. MoBlogs
  54. My, Oh My, Amya!
  55. Navigate with Don
  56. Nighty’s Life
  57. No Fear o’ Shakira
  58. One Little Man
  59. Pablo Picasso Posts
  60. Queen Jada
  61. Random
  62. Real Madrid Fan 07
  63. Red Goat
  64. Redneck Writer
  65. Richard’s Blog
  66. Roll Tide Education
  67. Rylee B’s Blog
  68. Shanna’s Blog
  69. Skintee Bloogs
  70. Super Stuff
  71. Tab Time
  72. Terra’s Posts
  73. The Blue Coder
  74. The English Blog
  75. The Outlaw
  76. Tie-Dye Lesha
  77. Too Pretty Myaa
  78. Trillzae Blog
  79. Turnips Stink
  80. ViToo1k
  81. Waterfalls#DATWAY
  82. Wren3
  83. Yee Yee
  84. Yo Adrian!
  85. Yuri’s Increible Blog
  86. Zay.bklog
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